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Through many acres of field testing, and almost as many changes in design, we feel that we have the ultimate tillage equipment for you. The root and soil material can be separated and distributed evenly over the entire area, making our products the ideal machine for strip tillage.

  • All equipment have triple lip sealed bearings

  • Ruggedly built to stand up to heavy use

  • Self-aligns on stalks for easy driving

  • Removes shredded stalks at field speeds of 8 to 10 MPH, thus saving both time and fuel

  • Patented "Single Frame" row unit design maintains proper blade spacing and trouble-free operation

  • Field proven row unit design breaks down residue while maintaining planting bed shape

  • We can also customize any machine, or build something to suit your specific needs!


Research & Development

Our machines have not only been running in Texas in our own fields, we have also tested and have machines running in Georgia, Kansas, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina. These machines have been tested in cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, maize and many others.

Bottom Dollar

As every person that farms for the love of the land knows, we don't do it just for fun. Farming is in your blood and your heritage. You love your job because you know how important your work is -for not just your family but the U.S. economy. What anyone outside of farming does not know, is the cost of farming. Our mission is to help make your farming operation economically feasible and at the same time leave more of the bottom dollar in your pocket.

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