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About D.L. Industries, Inc

Drew Lloyd began building the Row Stalker ® in 1990 out of a desire to make fewer passes in his own fields, thus using less fuel, time and compaction of the soil. He drew the design he had in his head on the floor of his shop, and then transformed those dreams with steel. He likes to say "I speak dirt" when he is looking at soil in any area of the U.S. and now abroad. We have shipped equipment to Brazil, Australia, Mexico and many states in the U.S.
Let us get one on your farm and you will be as proud to own one as we are to manufacture one just for you.
Our Company

We are a small manufacturing company that takes pride in our products and our service after the sale.


With fewer trips through the field you save time, fuel, equipment wear and tear and most importantly money. When your bottom line is not what you desire, give these machines a run for the money.


Sealed bearings, always used in our equipment provide long life and dependable service. All models feature a rugged 5" x 7" hitch for ease of hook-up and long term dependability. We will stand behind our products with a one year warranty, plus one on one help when needed.

Environment & Sustainability

Farming is a multi-generational family business, we want to do our part keeping the land in the best possible condition for our children and grandchildren.

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